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ccMixter - Song of the Day

365 songs by 117 various artists - a total of 26 hours, 19 minutes and 13 seconds of music were published in 2013 on the website of the association Musikpiraten using the label "Song of the Day". What's so special about those songs? They all come from the remix portal http://ccMixter.org/ and have been published under a Creative Commons license. They can be downloaded in a collection of almost three gigabyte via BitTorrent (ccMixter_-_Song_of_the_day_2013.torrent) and ed2k (ed2k-Link).

As in 2011, when every day a song was promoted for the first time, some artists did provide over a quarter of the songs. A total of 80 items were chosen by unreal_dm (29 songs), Scomber (20 songs), Alex (17 songs) and Robbero (14 songs). 13 songs were picked from the uploads of Shelf Life and Robbero. CSoul, Jeris and Copperhead. Three of the top five from 2011 are still active at ccMixter, but were not selected so often.

In total nearly 2,500 remixes were published on ccMixter in 2013. A song can be uploaded there only if it uses at least one foreign sound track as a source - but otherwise it would rarely be a remix. This source track can come from ccMixter itself or from a supported third-party platform such as Jamendo or Magnatune. An overview of the newly uploaded songs can be found at http://ccmixter.org/view/media/remix/latest. For those who are overwhelmed by the choice, there are, the Editors' Picks. These songs are collected by different users and are particularly outstanding - in their opinion.

Song of the Day 2014

This project of the Musikpiraten will be continued in 2014. Whoever wants to hear a new song every day, can do so in number of ways:

  • On the website, the songs are integrated on the right as a "Play" button
  • Also on the website there is a list with all songs in a dedicated player (2013 / 2014)
  • The playlist with all songs can be downloaded as an xpsf file (2013 / 2014) or subscribed to as a podcast (2013 / 2014)
  • For mobile devices there is a mobile web page on which the user can navigate through all the songs of a year. However due to the large amount of data, the use of Wi-Fi is encouraged unless a fast unlimited flat rate is used. (2013 / 2014)

ccMixter charts

In addition, every month 10 songs from the category "Pop / Rock" and " Beats" are transformed into a DJ set and published as "ccMixter charts". These DJ sets are also available in form of two playlists at ccMixter and can be subscribed to as podcasts there. (Pop / Rock / Beat)

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