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So you are participating in 2012's Free! Music! Contest - that's great! It is even greater, that you want to share your work and enable others to create remixes of it. Because of some people asking, how uploading at ccMixter works, here is a little instruction.

First of all, you must create an account. To do so, follow the instructions here:

After you have completed the registration process, it's time for the first choice: You can upload your source tracks either as parts of the Free! Music! Contest or as part of the "Free Music & Free Beer" projects. "Free Music & Free Beer" is a project by the ccMixter community - a mashup from the Free! Music! Contest's theme "Freedom & Free Beer" and a lawsuite by the german royality collection society GEMA. GEMA sues us Musikpiraten for publishing a Creative Commons licensed song on CD without revealing the artists name to them. We believe that we "already have permission" - GEMA believes the opposite, so now a court has to decide.

For "normal" songs that participate in the Free! Music! Contest, you can submit a

Acapella at:
Other tracks (rythm or melody) at:

If your song is related to freedom or free music, you can submit a

Acapella at:
Other tracks (rythm or melody) at:

There will be an additional release of the remixes created from those source tracks, that will be featured at, the company that hosts ccMixter. We are also thinking about releasing this album on a cool medium like lanyard keychains usb sticks, but this plan is still very alpha...

Hint: You should not submit all source tracks of your song, this greatly reduces the chance for remixes. Many of the highly active ccMixters feel, that having all sources reduces their creative freedom. You should upload your track(s) at least in 320kbit/s mp3s, wav is of course a good choice too.

Important: Despite of the way you take for uploading, you must add the tag "fmc12", so we can find your upload.

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