Viva la FreevoluCCión - Free! Music! Sampler 2013 ready for shipping

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It took a long time, but waiting was worth it. The Free! Music! Sampler 2013 "Viva la FreevoluCCión" is finally available and ready for shipping! Included on the two CDs in a fine DigiPack are the 36 winning songs of the fifth free! Music! Contest. The range of musical styles is - as usual - broad, so everyone will find something of his (or here) prefered flavour: Gothic, Metal, Hip Hop, DnB, Swing, Singer / Songwriter, electro, lounge, and a lot of rock and pop. Download via Bandcamp is of course free of charge, donations are welcome. :)

All songs are published by the authors under a Creative Commons license. This sharing them with others is and even more highly welcome.

The DigiPack

Our graphic artist did a great job once again and created an beautiful 6-page-digipack including an 8-page booklet:

The artists

In alphabetical order: Aeon Sable | At the Otherside | Borrachos | Christof Spanring | Daoud & Kristobal | Das frivole Burgfräulein | David Rovics | Donnie Ozone | Elektrophon | ENGELSBLUT | Ey Lou Flynn | fottuto bianco | Garmisch | Hans Atom | Josh Woodward | Kara Square and Piero Peluche | Lichtscheu | Miroslave | new nobility | NK - Nino Lo Bue | Orxata | Pasampa | Paul war's | Raziel Jamaerah | SCAR FOR LIFE | Shearer | Sinride | Skabrot | Superdirt² | Sybil Smith | texasradiofish | The EGOTWISTERs | The Kyoto Connection | The Vernon Howl Group | Von Korf | ZOE.LEELA

The two CDs in a DigiPack can be bought for € 2.50 plus shipping costs at Bandcamp. All DigiPacks are numbered by hand and therefore unique.

The music

Viva la FreevoluCCión, by Musikpiraten e.V.

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