Try^d - ListenTry^d are number 2 at jamendo's donation ranking. Nearly 800€ have been collected. Compared to 20.000 downloads this ain't the world, but each beginning is complicated. Surrly this is a reason to ask them a few quesions...

A german version of this interview can be found here.

As accustical background we recommend "You Are God" taken from the album "Listen", which is one of the bands faster tracks.

License: cc-by-sa.

Christian: Hi Vavrek, you are one of Try^d's founding members. Try^d says, it is a virtual band. What exactly does this mean?

Vavrek: We've chosen the term 'virtual band' to describe a musical group who's members collaborate with each other though the net. The founding members of tryad had never met in person before beginning to create music together. Most of the people involved have never shared physical space...

Christian: So who is actually Try^d?

Vavrek: Well, as a global collective, this changes continuously. Some of the most active participants include myself, rjmarshall, ema, _scott waddell, john holowach, arna, realaze, ioeo, subatomicglue, karen rustad, hanani, and daniel laufer, among many others.

This changing dynamic of musicians involved creates healthy shifts in
tryad sound and style. We are always open to new artists and connections, very interested and curious as to what directions our music could take in future.

Christian: How did Try^d initially found? At certain places you can find, that opsound was involved?

Vavrek: Tryad was originally started by rjmarshall, john holowach, and myself. We met in the forum of and began sharing sound files with each other and began building the album 'public domain'.

John holowach suggested the name 'tryad' due to the fact that there were
three of us, and we agreed on this name. Our first track was 'the final rewind', while our second song was 'our lives change'.

After creating these two songs, I invited a local seattle singer named arna garcia to become involved. arna contributed her own material and began singing on tracks that rj and john created together. Towards the end of 'public domain', ema joined us on vocals, eventually becoming a prominent feature of our next album, 'listen'.

Upon the completion of 'public domain', both rjmarshall and arna joined other live bands and took a break from our collective. both are
currently expressing interest in participating with tryad again in future.

The ^ in tryad is paying respects to uber geekdom

Christian: Do you call yourself tryad or Try^d? And it Try^d a hommage to the geek world?

Vavrek: We call ourselves tryad or try^d, capitalized or not. Yes the ^ in tryad is paying respects to uber geekdom. ;)

Christian: How do you decide, who joins your group? And how does your collabaration work?

Vavrek: We are open to anyone who might like to be involved and contributions are judged on an individual basis. Our collaboration has communicated primarily via email, sharing tracks
via ftp. Sometimes tracks are hand-picked by myself or others from the general creative commons pool.

As the lead of tryad, I have the 'final say' in what is released or
not. Generally we all agree and experience little confrontation.

Christian: Try^d is one of the most acts at jamendo with the most donations. How are sales outside of jamendo running?

Vavrek: Tryad has never been a big money maker and was never really intended to be. The profits from jamendo have been increasing nicely lately, but there's certainly been no ability for us to 'quit our day jobs', yet....

I personally would love to have enough support to focus more on tryad
and musical development. Would be thrilled to see this group evolve
into live multimedia performances that rock packed stadiums. Our music
certainly fits this scale of event and we continue to dream.

Was hoping recently that jamendo was going to transition into promoting
and planning tours for it's most successful artists, yet in my last
meetings jamendo has denied this role. I find this unfortunate, as I
feel that promotion and touring could be the key to a working creative
commons business model, as well as a great amount of fun for everyone

Christian: Your style is pretty hard to describe. Its somewhere between trip hop, pop, ambient and rock. How do you achieve such a weird combination?

Vavrek: Having such an vast pool of talent and style to chose from, it only follows that the music will reflect this kind of stunning 'genre-bridging'. Many of the refined artists that compose with us have lots of varied musical inspirations, as I certainly do myself.

With each tryad performance, I push myself to be somehow different,
unique from previous recordings. Tryad has taken me musically in
directions that I would have never gone alone.

Right from the start, we wanted tryad music to be open and free as possible

Christian: You allow even commercial use of your work - without permission. This is done pretty seldom, (also I think nc-nd is the best choise) why did you decide for this licence?

Vavrek: Right from the start, we wanted tryad music to be open and free as possible. When looking at commercial uses, we wanted to make sure that this would not become difficult for anyone.

With so many creative people in the mix, we needed to have a license
that allowed anyone, including any of us, to make commercial use of
the sound, if we so chose. Our intent is true musical freedom, for us, and for all.

Our creative commons license is much like the 'general public license'
under which free open source software such as 'linux' is released, also
free for commercial use. We had the sense that making tryad music so open would seriously boost it's chances of being heard, potentially spreading into powerful markets such as television and movies.

Of course it is nice when businesses share their profits with us, and
most usually do by choice.

Christian: So most of you are doing music just for fun, or do you also have professional musicians?

Vavrek: As far as I know, none of the tryad contributers could be called 'professional musicians' as they do not make a living from making music. A number of people involved are extremely talented, yet we all currently have jobs and lives that are at least equally as important.

For me, it would be a dream to be able to focus on tryad full time.

We shall see what the future will bring.


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