ccMixter-Catch of the day - 2011

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ccMixter-Logo365 songs, 132 different artists, more than 26 hours of creative commons licensed music, that the result of one year "ccMixter Catch of the day". The idea behind the project: Present every day a song from the worlds leading creative commons remix portal Not everything worked out perfect. After an update of the server the import job did not encode the audio files correctly and twice the worst case happened: No songs had been picked. The gap has been closed at december 31st with two additional picks. In total 2,948 remixes have been published at ccMixter in 2011, so there are now 16.158 songs available. This is a notable growth of 22 percent.

All songs of the "2011 ccMixter catch of the day" can be dowloaded via BitTorrent (klick) and via eDonkey (klick)
There are various different music styles included, even most artists are not sticked to a single style, espacially the top five artists have a broad range of styles they can produce.

The top five artist being picked the most contributed about 25% of all songs. 94 tracks by Jeris, Alex, unreal_dm, CSoul and copperhead can be found in the collection. More of half of the songs has been produced by 19 artists. But this does not mean, the other remixers are not producing great songs, they are simply not that extremly productive. Jeris produced in 2011 161 remixes, Alex 84, unreal_dm 109 and CSoul 139. Copperhead with 39 songs is about to be unproducty, but most of its productions are of very high quality. Being picked 15 times, more than a third of his somes have been selected.

Who wants to keep up to date at ccMixter, may use this link. Every new remix is listed there. But to listen to every song is a pretty bunch of work, if it is not done regularily. All songs uploaded in 2011 have a estimated playing time of 212 hours. Even if you listen to each song only for 10 seconds, it will take you about eight hours. As a orientation the "thumbs up" can be used. But the community also honours artistic skills, which is sometimes hard to understand for "normal" listeners. A even more exlusive selection are the Editor's Picks A couple of artists selects the songs that the very best in their opinion.

"Catches of the Day" 2011

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