F!M!C 2011 Registration

Kurz-URL: http://mkzä.de/1078

Yes! We want to compete!


Contact details

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to this address and contest related information.


Tells us, where you are from! If you are an multinational act, just add all countries your members come from!


Upload your track as .wav or .flac hier here: http://soundcloud.com/musikpirat/dropbox.
Compressed files (mp3/ogg) will not be accepted!

The chosen license applies only if the song is selected for publication on the sampler! Otherwise it will not be mentioned anywhere.

Did you use any samples for your song that must be attributed? If so, enter the credits here.

Please upload stems/vocals at ccmixter: http://ccmixter.org/submit. Tracks should have a tag "fmc11". If you cannot figure out how to do that, just enter "help!" above and upload the track in our dropbox, then we will upload it for you. At least one source track of the registered song must be made available for remixes.

Do you have a video for your song? Where can we find it?

If after publication of the sampler it becomes obvious that a false statements has been made here, the Musikpiraten e.V. is empowered to redress claims. So please consider carefully if your music is really under CC! In the past, there were already problems with the fact that individual band members were registered at GEMA.

The exact number of samplers will be decided on 31.8.2010, but will almost certainly not exceed 4,000 pieces. A unit will be sold by Musikpiraten e.V. for a maximum of €2.50
The revenue of the sale will be exclusively for the cover of the Free! Music! Contest incurred costs. The executive members of the Musikpiraten will not receive any allowances over outgoing payments from the funds.
Any surplus will be used in accordance with the Statute of the Musikpiraten. The sampler is of course also be available for free download.


We can and want to play live and we are free at 02.10.2010.

How much would your journey into the Rhine-Main region, concret to Wiesbaden, cost? Please understand that this indication in the selection of live bands must influence - depending on what funds we have available.


If you want to sleep in a hotel, we need the exact number. Or if you are a brass band and we'd need a bigger stage... :)

If you have a longer journey we will of course get a hotel for you.