Freedom & Free Beer - der Free! Music! Contest 2012

Freedom & Free Beer - Free! Music! Contest 2012

On July 1st 2012 the fourth Free! Music! contest is set to begin. The contest, organized by Musikpiraten e.V., is fairly known in the Creative Commons music scene - bands from all over the world already participated. This year's slogan is »Freedom & Free Beer«. While the previous contest focused on the enabling of derivative works, this year's thematic priority is the term »free«. Exactly when is music »free«? Is it enough that nothing has to be paid for, so that music is »free« as in »free beer«? Or does it have to be allowed to modify and sell the work without rewarding the creator, as intended by the definition of »free like in freedom« of the Free Software Foundation?

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Christian Hufgard, chairman of the »music pirates«, explains the idea behind this concept: »We don't want and aren't able to take away this decision from the creator. But we want them to think about it. The free music scene is big and has been growing for years. Some artists want to advertise their music, other ones just want everybody to use their works. We want to reflect this diversity in our contest.«


As in 2010, science-fiction author Cory Doctorow is the contest's patron. Doctorow is co-author of the well-known blog »Boing Boing« and has already written for the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Wired and many other newspapers, magazines and blogs. His most famous work is the novel »Little Brother«, which was meanwhile released in German as a book and an audiobook. In 2008, it reached 8th place of New York Time's bestseller list.


Every band and every solo artist can submit exactly one song, which has been published under the Creative Commons license. An artist who takes part in several projects can submit one song for every project.
Bonus points can be earned by uploading at least one audio track of the song at Uploading, and every remix created gives the original artist a bonus point, two bonus points are scored for every submitted music video.
Registration is possible until July 31st, 2012.

After the registration phase a jury will decide until august 31st 2012 which songs will be published on the compilation.


As in the last years, a double-CD packed to the brim with the best songs of the contest is going to be produced. A jury chooses the best tracks and minds that the best of every genre is represented - from Trash Metal to Hip Hop and Blues, whatever the artists submit.

Moreover, vouchers in the value of over 1,000 € will be raffled among all participants - even the willingness to make one's music free shall be rewarded!
Last but not least, there will be a CD release party in the Club Travolta, Frankfurt, to which every participant will have free admission.


Sponsors are always welcome. Whether the prize is donated or the the contest is supported financially, the music pirates are open to any kind of sponsorship. The club is especially looking forward to CD sponsors. Those buy 100 CDs for 250€ and distribute them however they think it's best. Sponsors are asked to get in touch via the contact form until August 31st.

Creative Commons and the Pirate Party Germany already promised their support.

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moin,gibt´s schon irgendwelchen news,kann man die hochgeladenen Songs irgendwo hören?
hello,is there any news concerning the fmc,is there a chance to listen to the contributions?

Here's the track for the contest

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