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Yesterday, the Free! Music! Contest went into phase one. The contest name's similarity to the Open Music Contest is not coincidental, indeed it is supposed to fill the gap left by the OMC being cancelled this year. Hence the adoption of the concept. :)

The facts:

Every band may submit one music title, that must be released under a Creative Commons license. You're free to choose any style you like: Rock, pop, techno, jazz, classical, speedcore, thrashmetal... All that matters is that you can provide decent audio quality and that you've composed and recorded the track yourselves. After all, the contest's goal is to demonstrate the diversity of free music.

Submissions are due July 31st , 2009. From there on, it's up to the jury...

You may also apply to become a jury member until July 31st , 2009.

Sponsors and donors may register until August 31st , 2009. Donors are individuals who would like to support us with a small donation, sponsors will be asked for larger contributions. August 31^st is also the latest date for (non-binding) advance orders of our sampler, that will go into production accordingly.

Once we have gained an overview over our finances, we will then decide (no sooner!) how many bands will win a live performance, and whether we will produce a CD or a digital release.

Oktober 3rd , 2009 is the day to mark in your calendars, 'cause that's when the party is going down! We're already about 99% sure about the location, but we'll keep it to ourselves until the last percent is cleared. It will definitely be a location in the Rhine-Main area.

To make sure to fill every last corner of the place, there will be a special guest as headliner, but we're not giving away who it is just yet.


The F!M!C is organized by the Musikpiraten association. To arrange an event of this magnitude shortly after our formation is quite a challenge, but we're confident that we can create something great. We're deliberately not making any promises, except that on Oktober 3^rd , we'll present a kick-ass sampler at a kick-ass party! Anything we'll be able to do on top of that will be awesomesauce! :)

But we need your help! Whether you decide to join Musikpiraten, donate a little money (as soon as we can get that account working...), convince your favorite net-label to make a contribution, whether you submit a title with your band, apply for the jury, blog about the F!M!C, or simply show up to the party with your friends, your help is more than welcome!

You can find some banners here. The creator Patrick Hofmann aka joschi would like to be mentioned, but it is not mandatory.

And next year, we will join forces with the OMC team to start an even greater event. Guaranteed!

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Last day to register for the Free! Music! Contest!

Logo: Liorin, cc-by-nc-nd
Today is the last chance to register for the Free! Music! Contest!
The contest name’s similarity to the Open Music Contest is not coincidental, indeed it is supposed to fill the gap left by the OMC being cancelled this ...