#37cc - the Free! Music! Week 2011

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37ccSeven days, seven nights, seven bands – 37cc, is the motto of the second Free! Music! Week from march seventh 2010 till march 13th. The concept is the same as last year: Anyone who wants to participate, presents each day a band releasing its music under a Creative Commons license. To make the rest of the internet notice this post, the entry shall be spread via identi.ca or twitter marked with the hashtag #37cc and/or trackback and pingback to the days post at musik.klarmachen-zum-aendern.de.

Everything that has been published, linked and twittered till 18 o’clock european time will be summed on into the report of the day. At the end of the week a complete status will be created. This event shall not only promote the artists themselves but, but also the many music bloggers in the world wide web.

We from musikpiraten e.v. believe, that many people outside would love to listen to free music, if the only got some guidance through the jungle of available stuff. So let’s take their hands and show them, what is out their!

Apart from networking through the portal of there is another incentive for people interested in joining the contest: There are five Free! Music! Samplers and five song books with public domain songs for children that will be raffled between all those who take part in this event.

Overview by day

Day 1
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