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ccMixter - Song of the Day

365 songs by 117 various artists - a total of 26 hours, 19 minutes and 13 seconds of music were published in 2013 on the website of the association Musikpiraten using the label "Song of the Day". What's so special about those songs? They all come from the remix portal http://ccMixter.org/ and have been published under a Creative Commons license. Weiterlesen »

ccMixter-Catch of the day - 2011

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Kurz-URL: http://mkzä.de/1463

ccMixter-Logo365 songs, 132 different artists, more than 26 hours of creative commons licensed music, that the result of one year "ccMixter Catch of the day". The idea behind the project: Present every day a song from the worlds leading creative commons remix portal ccmixter.org. Not everything worked out perfect. After an update of the server the import job did not encode the audio files correctly and twice the worst case happened: No songs had been picked. Weiterlesen »

Musikpiraten e.V. examines option to sue GEMA for copyfraud

Kurz-URL: http://mkzä.de/1245

On September 12th, 2011, the nonprofit association Musikpiraten announced the winners of its creative commons competition "Free! Music! Contest". In addition to the download, the songs shall also be published on CD in a high-quality DigiPack. During the production of the CD, problems have arisen with the German royalties collection society GEMA, which claims to hold the rights on five of the songs and has issued an invoice of € 350,96. The Musikpiraten association now examines the option to file a complaint against GEMA because of copyfraud. Weiterlesen »

Free! Music! Contest 2011 - FreeMixter

FreeMixter - Remixed

July 1st 2011 is the starting day of this year's Free! Music! Contest, the motto is "FreeMixter". The contest run by Musikpiraten e.V. takes places the third time and has already reached some international publicity in the Creative Commons music scene. This year's focus is on enabling remixes - as the motto indicates. Therefor the remix portal ccmixter.org is embedded where artists like Mike Shinoda (Link Park), DJ Vadim and the Beastie Boys have released single tracks from their songs to enable the creatin of remixes. Beside of the publication on the Free! Weiterlesen »

Free! Music! Contest 2010 - The Sampler

Freeloaded - CoverTo promote Creative Commons licensed music and the musicians behind it, Musikpiraten e.V. launched this year once again the Free! Music! Contest. This year 130 artists and bands from more than 30 countries registered!

The great increase is the result of the great support of many bloggers, online magazines, free radios and internet radios, that spread the contest. A special mention goes out to our patron Cory Doctorow. Weiterlesen »

Free! Music! Contest 2010 - Remix-Phase started [Update]

FMC-Remix-ContestOur goal, to reach more than last years registrations is completed. Due to a lot of bloggers, online-magacines, twitter and identi.ca users, free radios and online-radios. We got 129 registrations from 30 countries! The jury is listening non stop music. :) With this article phase two of the contest is opened: It's time to remix! Nine creative commons samples expect to be embedded in new musical frames. Weiterlesen »

Cory Doctorow - Free! Music! Contests' patron

Cory Doctorow
Foto: Jonathan Worth (CC-BY-SA)

The well known Creative Commons author Cory Doctorow has become the Free! Music! Contest's patron. Cory is Co-Editor of the notable blog Boing Boing and has contributed articles for The Guardian, the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Wired and many other newspapers, magazines and blogs. His most famous book Little Brother was 2008 on position 8 of the New York Times beststeller list. Weiterlesen »

Free! Music! Contest 2010

F!M!C-LogoTo promote Creative Commons licensed music and the musicians behind it, Musikpiraten e.V. launches this year once again the Free! Music! Contest.

Until the end of July, musicians and bands who are releasing their music under a Creative Commons license, can register for the contest. Until August 22th there will be an additional remix-phase: the participating artists are invited to submit single stems or acapellas in addition to the individual songs. By submitting individual tracks or the submission of music videos, the chance to be added onto the sampler that will be a result of the contest, will be increased - if only just a little bit.

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ForensicThis month we present once again an artist - or better said a group - that's active at ccmixter.org: Forensic. With more than 600 remixes, they are the remix communities unbeaten number one . Weiterlesen »

Brad Sucks

Brad Turcotte aka Brad Sucks is one the the most famous indiependent pop-rocker worldwide. His debut single "Brad Sucks One" was 2001 released on his website bradsucks.net. That time brad proofed an intuition for upcoming trends - he released all single tracks of the song the same time - three years before ccmixter.org used this idea as a base concept for their project. For Brad Sucks this paied of pretty fast to give away his work in such an open manner. Weiterlesen »